Make your design files consistent.

Make your design files consistent.

Roller is a Sketch plugin that helps you find and fix design inconsistencies. It's spell-check for Sketch.

Automatically identify and resolve design inconsistencies with Toybox Roller



Seamless integration.

Roller plugs into your Sketch files - naturally fitting into your existing workflow. Spend less time worrying if you’re staying consistent with your brand and more time creating incredible experiences.



Identify inconsistencies while you work.

See a real-time feed and get alerted instantly if any errors occur. If you don’t have a style guide - don’t worry. Roller uses data trends based on frequently used styles to warn you if you’ve gone rogue.


Resolve effortlessly.

Go from an error to resolution immediately. Roller auto-suggests actionable changes to your designs - keeping you consistent with what you and your team are building.


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© 2018 MAHKO CORP. D/B/A Toybox. All rights reserved.

© 2018 MAHKO CORP. D/B/A Toybox. All rights reserved.